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Manuscript Administration/Editorial Support


Manuscript Administration/Editorial Support

Compuscript is a leading editorial service provider to the scholarly publishing community, providing the highest standards of editorial office management through our professional staff, globally. Our in-house manuscript submission and peer review associates support our clients’ journals through the submission and peer review process.

Our staff are conscious of the problems and delays that can be created downstream in the publication process if basic issues are not addressed early on. They understand the importance of accurate, validated metadata. They look after the necessary but laborious and time- consuming activities which in turn can free up a client’s team to focus on more value-added journal development activities. Our teams based in Europe, India and China offer service delivery excellence to journal stakeholders in their own languages and time zones in a cost- effective manner. Common tasks include:

•   Author profile validation

•   Checking the paper is within the journal’s scope

•   Original and revision submission check

•   Plagiarism check

•   FundRef validation

•   Authorship checks

The checks we carry out ensure the information provided by authors during the submission process are complete, accurate and that manuscripts are suitable for review. In a competitive environment to secure the best reviewers it is important that their time is not wasted looking at manuscripts which were not ready for submission or out of scope. Especially where the reviewer pool may be dominated by society members. This also helps to build long-term relationships and build affinity with your titles leading to reviewers accepting review requests from your titles over others. We provide ongoing support to the author, reviewer and editor in answering general queries and system-based issues. Our staff can also coordinate the training of journal academic editors and external editorial office staff to use the client’s editorial software.

Our aim is to always provide efficient checks that deliver value. Providing these services has enabled significant reductions in publication times for our clients and helped them build positive sentiment with their authors, reviewers and editors.

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