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Data Capture and Conversion


Data Capture and Conversion Service

Compuscript’s professional data capture and data entry process will convert your original manuscripts, documents and forms into accurate, precise, retrievable information.

Features of Compuscript’s data capture and data conversion process:
  • Data entry from an original paper, manuscript, documents, or any printed records
  • Re-keying content from any type of input such as handwritten manuscript, legacy material, official correspondence data, or any other document.
  • Media conversion from any word processing or Desktop Publishing (DTP) package,
  • Images can be processed individually in various formats such as .jpg., .png, and .gif or as PDF files.
High levels of accuracy and proficiency

Compuscriptemploys industry leading character validation,
and compares programmes to ensure superior standards of quality. Compuscript’s data capture process uses OCR (Optical Character Recognition) and IRC (Intelligent Character Recognition) for high accuracy and recognition levels when converting the scanned images of handwritten, typed, or printed text into machine-encoded text, allowing the document to be stored online and electronically searched.

Fast turnaround times and competitive prices

Compuscript’s specialist facility allows for greater efficiency, productivity and competitive advantage, enabling us to provide smart and swift services at a cheaper cost with impressive turnaround schedules (12 hours to 72 hours).

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