Author Support Services/Author Outreach in China

Compuscript have been working with scholarly authors for over 27 years and have been selling publishing services directly to authors for 17 years. For much of that time we have been delivering courses and developing training programs to our publishing clients. Our network of contacts extends across Chinese institutions and universities.

Compuscript/International Science Editing (ISE) can organize and deliver customized training programs based on a client’s needs. We can work directly with the a client’s team to look at ways to help nurture and develop emerging authors who will contribute top content to a client’s publication in the future. We also offer full logistical support and chaperoning to editors-in-chief and publishing staff when visiting China.

Staff in our China office can organize itineraries, travel and accommodation with staff available to accompany visitors and assist with translation and interpretation at meetings and events. Our staff are also experienced in the onboarding and training of academic editors and peer reviewers for new publications, and can educate journal board members in a client’s publication policies, ethics, best practice, and use of the client’s editorial software.