Copy Editing

Our copy editorial team is composed of experienced specialists from a wide variety of disciplines with PhDs, MDs and MBBSs.

We offer full in-house copy-editing facilities with an emphasis on English language correction for grammar, spelling (e.g. USA vs UK), punctuation, consistency, discipline-specific terminology, use of SI units, IUPAC nomenclature, reference formatting, journal style (e.g. AMA, APA, etc.).

Our Range of Service Levels spans from Basic to Extensive Editing

The Basic level includes correction of spelling errors, inconsistency in word variations, active/passive voice, first/third person, singular/plural errors and fundamental syntax errors.

The Intermediate level includes basic level corrections and the addition of verifying and improving the language, eliminating redundancies and suggesting improvements, verifying or correcting scientific or medical terminology.

Extensive editing includes all the requirements of basic and intermediate level together with addressing extensive discipline-specific styling and conventions. This often requires negotiations with the author to establish and clarify accuracy of scientific and mathematical content, readability and logic.